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Safeguarding Induction & Coaching Toolkit


Human Performance have been supporting its clients with their safeguarding practice for the past five years. With the ever changing requirements to remain at the forefront of safeguarding best practice - our Children's and Adult's Safeguarding Handbooks and resources get ever more comprehensive. While this means that organisations can have confidence in robust and practical safeguarding policies and procedures, this brings it's own challenges in how to effectively induct and coach employees in their safeguarding responsibilities. We have been asked countless times to develop a Safeguarding Toolkit to make the process of safeguarding induction and coaching effective and practically relevant. We have now taken up this challenge and have scheduled this new toolkit for release in April 2018. The following is a draft outline of how this toolkit will be structured:

A Training Manual for your DSO to deliver effective in-house safeguarding training!

This new Safeguarding Induction & Employee Coaching Toolkit will include a comprehensive DSO's Training Manual -which will clearly provide everything needed to deliver the safeguarding coaching. Professional training notes, exercises and guidance to ensure that even in-experienced trainers will be able to deliver quality safeguarding coaching sessions.

Professionally designed PowerPoint Slides with your own logo!

Your DSO will be able to deliver engaging coaching sessions with PowerPoint Slides to support the bite-sized safeguarding modules. The slides will all be professionally produced (with appropriate animations and transitions) and will use high quality appropriate stock images that have been fully licensed. Each slide will feature your own logos and colour schemes, so that you that it fits in with your branding and organisational image.

Quality Delegate Handouts that complement your Safeguarding Policies & Procedures!

The purpose of this Safeguarding Induction & Employee Coaching Toolkit is to assist your employees to become familiar with the Safeguarding Handbooks provided by Human Performance - and most importantly, that they understand their role and responsibilities for the implementation of safeguarding best practice in your organisation. This toolkit is not a replacement for the Safeguarding Handbooks, but it will enable you to achieve safeguarding induction for new employees - and refresh safeguarding training for existing employees - in a way that makes the effective use of the your full suite of safeguarding policies and procedures more accessible.

Simple, but effective Quizzes to check delegate knowledge and understanding!

Coaching and training is only effective when employees can recall and utilise the learning they have experienced. Human Performance have over 15 years of experience in designing appropriate testing of knowledge and understanding following coaching delivery. As part of this Safeguarding Induction & Employee Coaching Toolkit, you will be able to have confidence that your employees have improved their knowledge and understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities. Where employees still show gaps in their knowledge and/or understanding, the quizzes will enable your DSO to follow up with them as appropriate.

A Training Record Form and Coaching Evaluation Feedback Form included too!

And to ensure that the coaching is all wrapped up and recorded properly, this toolkit will include a Training Record Form to record and evidence that coaching has taken place - as well as a Coaching Evaluation Feedback Form, so that your DSO can receive feedback about the session and further develop their delivery for future sessions. We encourage all clients to share this feedback with us so that we can further develop our Safeguarding Induction & Employee Coaching Toolkit.

So, that's a DSO Training Manual, a suite of PowerPoint Slides, a Delegate Manual, appropriate Quizzes to check knowledge, as well as a Training Record Form and a Coaching Evaluation Feedback Form - all for a one-time only fixed cost.

Ahead of this Toolkit being released, please do not hesitate to register your interest in being the first to be notified as soon as it is available.

Please download the PDF for further information.