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Adults at Risk Safeguarding Policies & Procedures Handbook


Many organisations believe that adding the phrase "Vulnerable Adult" or "Adult at Risk" to their child protection policies and procedures means that they have it all covered. Nothing could be further from the truth. Adult safeguarding comes with its own unique set of challenges, responsibilities and risks - which can only be managed and mitigated by safeguarding resources specifically written to address the unique issues faced by adults at risk.

Unique resources for unique challenges...

As a consequence of these unique challenges, the adult at risk suite of policies and procedures has over 30 pages of professionally written new policies and resources - when compared to the children's safeguarding resources. Where there is shared content between the children's safeguarding and adult's safeguarding resources, this has all been specifically revised to correctly address the unique needs of adults at risk.

Written against The Care Act 2014...

In developing this suite of adult safeguarding policies, procedures and resources, Human Performance has framed its approach by following the most up to date best practice in regard to supporting adults. To this end, the Adults at Risk Safeguarding Handbook refers to latest legislation contained within The Care Act 2014 and which came into effect from April 2015.

Informed by the Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults: A Share Responsibility guidance...

To ensure that these resources are practical and operationally relevant, we have followed the eight minimum standards of best practice and guidance developed by Volunteer Now - who developed their guidance in consultation with a safeguarding adult's advisory expert group - itself drawn from key organisations who work with adults at risk in the voluntary, community and independent sectors. These eight minimum standards have been used as the foundation for the development of this Adults at Risk Handbook.

Benchmarked against relevant legislation and guidance...

While the underpinning benchmarks for our adult's safeguarding resources are The Care Act 2014 and Volunteer Now's Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults: A Shared Responsibility Guidance - it has also been developed against The Mental Capacity Act 2005, the No Secrets Guidance on Protecting Vulnerable Adults in Care (and which has since been replaced in 2015 by The Care Act), The Equality Act 2010 and The Data Protection Act 1998. In addition - because we support many professional Football Clubs, Football Trusts & Foundations with their safeguarding practice - we have also used benchmarks from the FA, including the Safeguarding for All: Raising Awareness and the Affiliated Football's Safeguarding Policy & Procedures. Finally, everything we do is also underpinned by other relevant and appropriate legislation, which currently includes the Home Office's Prevent Duty and FGM statutory legislation.

Why do you need this adult's safeguarding handbook?

This handbook covers all the relevant policies and procedures relating to the safeguarding of adults. If you work with adults (who may be at risk) then because of the nature of your work, you will be required to have in place robust policies and procedures to ensure the protection of those adults. You may feel that what you have in-house currently is adequate. However, if you compare your current adult safeguarding resources with the content provided by Human Performance (detailed in this brochure) - you may soon realise that there are numerous areas that you haven't got covered with robust and up to date policies and procedures.

What you get with a purchase of this safeguarding resource?

Currently this resource contains 36 up to date safeguarding policies and procedures, all of which covers the eight core areas of Volunteer Now's Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults: A Shared Responsibility Guidance. These sections provide detailed support and resources covering the policy on safeguarding vulnerable adults; the safer recruitment of staff; the effective management, support, supervision and training of staff; the raising awareness and responding, recording and reporting of safeguarding concerns; effective risk management; the receiving of comments and suggestions for dealing with safeguarding concerns and complaints; the management of records, confidentiality and sharing of information; and written codes of behaviour expected from all involved with the organisation.

This entire resource - including all 36 adult safeguarding policies & procedures and all adult safeguarding templates - is available for a one-time only fixed cost!

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