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Trustees Good Governance Policies & Procedures Handbook


Background to the development of this resource...

Working from the guidance provided by the Charity Commission in their Six Hallmarks of an Effective Charity, a Code was produced in partnership of the Association of CEO Officers of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO), the Charity Trustee Networks (CTN), the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) - with support from the Charity Commission and an independent Chair. This Code was called Good Governance - A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector (October 2010).

Purpose of the Good Governance Code for the Voluntary & Community Sector...

The October 2010 Code and was developed by the voluntary and community sector, for the voluntary and community sector. The Code was designed to clarify the principles behind good governance and to help the voluntary and community sector in decision making, accountability and the work of Boards - and furthermore was fully endorsed by the Charity Commission.

Completely updated for 2017...

This 2nd version of the code (from October 2010) was originally promoted through the National Hub of Expertise in Governance. Since the closure of the Hub, the original founding group have resumed responsibility for promoting and developing the Code and the Code Steering Group now provides stewardship for the Code. The October 2010 version of the Code was fully updated in July 2017 and is now called the Charity Governance Code.

Charity Governance Code...

The importance of the July 2017 Charity Governance Code should not be under estimated. The Charity Commission has now withdrawn its own Hallmarks of an Effective Charity guidance in favour of directing charities to this new Charity Governance Code. The Charity Governance Code urges all charities to include a line in their annual accounts explaining if they have followed the Code. As such, this Good Governance Handbook aims to underpin all the principles of the new July 2017 Charity Governance Code.

Benefits of this Good Governance Handbook...

Human Performance has heavily invested in this good governance resources to ensure that it remains true to its original objectives - to be the very best resource to help smaller charities evidence good governance; provide the required support and guidance to assist Trustees in their role; and provide the required policies, procedures and due-diligence to comply with Charity law. Originally released in 2015, this Good Governance Handbook has been updated frequently to reflect changes in legislation and best practice - and has benefitted from new additions covering the induction of new Trustees and annual updates and declarations of existing Trustees.

Included in this resource...

The latest version of Human Performance's Trustees Good Governance Handbook has 23 professionally written policies and procedures; and a further 13 templates to assist the charity implement and evidence good governance.

Support for new Trustees...

In addition to the above Good Governance Handbook, your purchase will include our new Trustees Welcome & Induction Pack. The purpose of this additional resource is to professionally welcome and induct new Trustees into the organisation - and ensure that all the important documentation pertaining to their role is completed promptly, many of which require signing and returning for filing. Further details about the content of this bonus resource can be found in the New Trustees Welcome & Induction Pack Brochure.

Support for existing Trustees...

Finally, we will be providing - as an added free bonus - our Trustees Annual Renewal Pack. This resource will ensure that all relevant paperwork is updated and renewed annually for all serving Trustees. Perfect to use at the AGM. Further details about the content of this resource can be found in the Trustees Annual Renewal Pack Brochure.

Trustees Good Governance Handbook Contents...

...the following is all of 23 policies and procedures contained within the current 2017 version of the Good Governance Handbook. The resource is regularly updated - and will continue to expand further - to provide essential Trustee support and guidance. All of these resources will be personalised for your organisation - as operationally appropriate - to ensure that they are relevant to the Charity:

  • 1. Introduction to Trustees Good Governance Handbook
  • 2. Introduction to the Organisation
  • 3. Introduction to the Good Governance Code
  • 4. Summary of the Governing Document
  • 5. The Main Legal Responsibilities & Duties of a Trustee
  • 6. Fit & Proper Persons Declaration Advice
  • 7. People with Significant Control
  • 8. Code of Conduct for Trustees
  • 9. Trustees Conflict of Interest Policy
  • 10. Statement of Responsibilities & Delegated Powers Policy
  • 11. Accountabilities of Trustees for the Employment of Staff
  • 12. Key Policies & Procedures Applicable to Trustees
  • 13. Accountabilities of Trustees for the Involvement of Volunteers
  • 14. Accountabilities of Trustees for Safeguarding Children & Young People
  • 15. Accountabilities of Trustees for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • 16. How the Organisation Manages Contractors & Suppliers
  • 17. Trustees Expenses Policy
  • 18. Trustees Expenses Procedure
  • 19. Summary of the Charity Commissions Guidance Relating to the Payment of a Trustee
  • 20. Payments for Work Undertaken for the Organisation by Trustees Policy
  • 21. Conflicts between Trustees Policy
  • 22. Trustee Effectiveness & Appraisal Policy
  • 23. Trustee Renewal Plan Policy

In addition to the above 23 policies and procedures, the Good Governance Handbook includes 13 templates to support Trustees. Furthermore, you'll receive our Trustees Welcome & Induction Pack and our Trustees Annual Renewal Pack - and all for a one-time only fixed cost!

Maintain an unbroken HR Support & Advice Contract with HR Performance - and you'll receive every future update and addition to our Good Governance Handbook without further costs!

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