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Trustees Annual Renewal Pack


Trustees Annual Renewal Pack...

This is a complementary resource to support the Trustees Good Governance Handbook. Its purpose is to ensure that all relevant paperwork is updated and renewed annually for all serving Trustees. Perfect to use at the AGM. By undertaking this annual process - of updating all Trustees Agreements and other relevant information connected to serving on the Board - organisations will demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards of governance. All Trustees will be asked to complete (and update where required) the following Trustees Annual Renewal Pack documents:

Agreement to Serve as a Trustee

Through requiring all sitting Trustees to sign a new agreement to reconfirm their commitment and understanding of the responsibilities of serving as a Trustee, this help will re-enforce good governance practice. As for induction, this is not a legally binding contract - and as such an individual can cease serving as a Trustee at any time by resigning from the Board.

Trustees Contact & Personal Information Form

As part of good administration practice, Trustees should be asked to update their contact and personal information at least annually. Of course, additional updates throughout the year are required from Trustees - as and when their information changes.

Code of Conduct for Trustees

By asking all serving Trustees to re-confirm that they will adhere to the Trustees Code of Conduct, it will re-enforce the Boards commitment to live and breathe these important principles of good governance. As stated in the Code of Conduct, this code does not constitute a list of a Trustees legal duties, but it is none the less fully consistent with the relevant legal principles of Company and Charity law.

Trustees Fit & Proper Persons Declaration

It is a statutory requirement that all Trustees are fit and proper persons to serve on a Board. In addition to the initial declaration made at appointment, Trustees are required to keep their Fit & Proper Persons Declaration up to date - as and when changes occur - as well as making a new declaration every 12 months, regardless of whether any changes have occurred or not.

Trustees Declaration of Interests Form

It is a requirement of being a Trustee that they keep their Declaration of Interests Form updated - as and when changes occur - as well as making a new declaration every 12 months, regardless of whether any changes having occurred or not.

Trustee Job Description

A useful restatement of the role of each Trustee - which can be updated as required as a consequence of any changes that have occurred during the year.

Trustees Self Appraisal of Personal Effectiveness

The final document in this renewal pack is a copy of the Trustees Self Appraisal of Personal Effectiveness form. This will re-enforce the commitment to ensuring that all Trustees have the opportunity annually to review their contribution; and that the time they give continues to prove mutually beneficial.

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